Jesień i ładna, słoneczna pogoda...........



16.08.2012, 05:47 ::
Shridhar, of course Ajmal can do that. Let me ask you a qtousien Suppose you (with your heavy luggage) want to cross a deep gorge crossed by a simple rope bridge. Suppose also, that I told you that the rope that supports the bridge is quite supple and strong, but if it stretch and bends more than 15 degrees it could snap.Now suppose you are watching people cross the bridge, sometimes it bends a little, sometimes seemingly a lot, even more than 15 degrees. No , I say, we have tested it many times, with many people, some of whom looked heavy, and it has never bent more than 15 degrees . But you remain unconvinced.So I show you a video I've made in a test environment, where I strengthened the rope bridge with steel beams, which couldn't be carried to the gorge, and video-taped people and their heavy luggage walking across so that it was clear that the rope was not bending a single degree. Would that convince you to cross the bridge?Any bowler that points their elbow down the pitch is going to straighten their arm considerably because of the rotational force on the elbow from the fore-arm at delivery. If you brace the elbow, it won't bend, and the wrist will be able to do the necessary work. But it proves precisely nothing.A throw, incidentally, does not gain power from the straightening (try throwing with only an elbow bend it is called a girly throw for a reason). It gains power from the rotation of the elbow, and the whip of the hand. We ought to no-ball bowlers whose elbows point down the pitch.

07.12.2008, 08:24 ::
Jest świetnie , piękne światło , pięknie uchwycone chwile , jak zawsze wszystko na najwyższym poziomie ;-)

15.10.2008, 21:55 ::
w chwili obecnej to Nikon D3 -a szkiełko użyte do większości ostatnich fot to Sigma 70-200 2.8 :)


14.10.2008, 14:10 ::
witam. swietne zdjecia. gratulacje. jesli mozna spytac:
co to za szkielko tak rysuje?
jakie body?
pozdrawiam :)

13.10.2008, 18:23 ::
Piękny i pogodny klimacik - piękne rozmycie tła.